• How To Rent To Own

    Most of us are acquainted with the concept of “rent to purchase” for buying a home. Commercial rental firms (furniture, stereos, TV’s) have made an empire with lease to own goods, however the consumer normally ends up having to pay double what the merchandise is really valued at. Although this might be good if you

  • Pros and cons of rent to own in real estate

    Everybody dreams of having their own family home one day. In today’s economic climate, many families may need to find out options in order to obtain home ownership. For many people purchasing a home through rent-to-own may be the opportunity open to get a home they can call their home. If owning a home in

  • Getting a Rent to Own Home

    If you are considering getting a rent to own home, it is probably because you are unable to qualify for a home. The reason may be that you are unable to provide income documentation, or it could be because your credit is not good enough to qualify in today’s market. Relax! You are not alone!

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